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#1 2020-02-21 22:50:21

From: Omaha, USA
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How to grab m3u8 url from online tv stream

Every wondered how to find the m3u8 url for those tv streams online?

Now you can see how to get your own streams..

I'm going to show how to do it using

as an example.

so first goto the site.
pick the channel so it starts to load in your browser.

then when it's loaded, goto inspect (ctrl+shift+i in chrome)
then goto network.
it then will start loading everything being passed from that website to your computer..

i recommend refreshing the page at this point, so that you then can see at the very top of the network section the .m3u8.
once you find it, then copy the link and paste the link into your iptv. and there is how you get the stream..

I'll update this with pictures to show how its all done..


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