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#1 2020-04-24 21:20:59

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M3U 2 STRM Configuration

The M3U 2 STRM tool uses *.conf files which contain the output directory, and the groups of the series and movies you want to convert.


This is the content of the config file, you can put it through a JSON formatter to make it more readable. If you do edit it manually - please run it through a JSON validator before saving, syntax errors may cause the config not to work!

Explenation of the content:
1. logfile This is the filename of the logfile, this can also be empty to ignore logging.
2. output This is the output directory, this is the directory where the STRM files will be saved. Make sure this directory exists!
3. connection These are the connection details - as found in XD Pro, and in your M3U URL
4. categories There are 2 arrays with numbers, these numbers are the category_id's. If you know how to access the XC Reloaded API manually (player_api.php) then you know where to find these numbers.

Only edit this file if you know how it works, if you are not experienced - please use the config maker from XD Pro.


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