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#1 2020-04-24 21:08:07

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M3U 2 STRM Tutorial

The M3U2STRM tool is a commandline tool, that means it runs silent on the background. Ideal for updating your STRM library on the background with startup on windows, or on a set time.

The "old" M3U2STRM was a bit to dificult for some people, so i changed the way it works a bit - and it should be easier to get you started this way.

To start you start XD Pro, and connect with your M3U / iptv provider. In the menu "Export" click "M3U 2 STRM".

Then you will get the configuration dialog, you first need to set a output directory (the directory where you want to save the strm files). You can also set a log file location, you can leave this blank if you are not interested in the log.

Then select the movie groups you want to convert to strm files. (You can select multiple using "CTRL" or "SHIFT").

Then select the series groups you want to convert to strm files.

After this click the "OK" button, and you will see this save dialog. Select a location where you want to save the configuration file, this is the file containing the output folder, and the groups to export. Default directory would be "My Documents', but can be any directory. (But if you change the directory of this location after saving - you will need to create a new shortcut.)

Then save the shortcut, default location is in "Programs" -> "Startup" so it will start on Windows startup, you can save this link elsewhere if you want to start it manually. You can use this link in the task-planner to start it at set date/time.

If you like to do things manually, the first parameter of the M3U 2 STRM application needs to be the filename of the configuration file. The configuration file is in JSON format, so for the more experienced users this shouldnt be to hard to use.


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