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#1 2020-02-26 14:14:36

From: Belgium
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What is Ultimate Car Compagnion

Ultimate Car Compagnion is our software for Vehicle Diagnostics. There are several applications for OBD2 diagnostics, but most of them are paid or expensive commercial software for professionals. Therefore i wanted to create a freeware tool for OBD2 Vehicle diagnostics, that works with cheap interfaces.

Ultimate Car Compagnion is compatible with ELM327 interfaces. ELM327 is a chip for communicating with various protocols, that exist in the OBD2. Most cars support OBD2, or the older EOBD/JOBD/OBD1. To be able to use our tool you only need a ELM327 interface with USB, Serial Port, or Bluetooth. We tested the software with various ELM327 interfaces with both original chip by ELM, as well as clones from china.

Working and tested with:
- ELMScan 5 Compact
- OBDLink
- Konnwei
- Aermotor
- iCar
- Kingbolen
- 2$ Blue ELM327 Chinese clones (use compatibility mode)

You can use expensive adapters (60+ $) and very cheap adapters (2+ $), the only difference between the very cheap and the better more expensive adapters is speed and chip. The cheap adapters are equiped with a cloned ELM327 chip, or have a non ELM chip with the commands used by ELM327. Both work, but original cables and interfaces are faster - which can be important if you are monitoring live data, but for reading and resetting of Diagnostic Trouble Codes you can use any adapter without noticing any performance difference.

Now you now what UCC is, lets start connecting to your vehicle. When you have installed and started the application, go to the settings page to setup the connection:
I would recommend to use

Auto Detect

for the com port, and

Auto Detect

for the protocol. This way the UCC application will try to find a interface on the right port, and detect the needed protocol. If you use those very cheap transparent blue adapters, also check the

Compatibility Mode

On the second settings page you can select another language (if available)
Set the monitoring time-out, and log the data to html. If you encounter errors connecting to your vehicle, please use the log to html to post the log when you contact us, so we can help you.

When your done with the settings, you can go to the Summary page, and connect to the interface, when you are connected and your vehicle has multiple ECU's, select the ecu you want to diagnose.

Now you can read Diagnostic Trouble Codes, clear the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light), read live sensor data, and start tests.

I will post some more tutorials about how to edit the monitors and how to add custom monitors.
But for now this should get you started  big_smile

We sell ELM327 adapters that are compatible with our UCC software, but you can also buy these adapters on Amazon, Wish, Alibaba:
Wish ELM327 USB
Amazon ELM327 USB
Amazon Bluetooth Konnwei ELM327


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