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#1 2020-05-27 19:18:35

Registered: 2020-05-27
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I recently purchased xtream-downloader and I've been trying it with a few different IPTV providers.

Is it possible to select  in more detail which VOD series streams to export?  I have tired several different iptv providers and they have thousands of series, episodes etc.  It looks like the tool can only export 'everything'....or i did find one service where they had cateogires for series...but I want to be specific on actual series to export.

Movies has at least I can filter a little bit..
Series is a bit more difficult due to the number, even within categories.



#2 2020-08-11 09:23:47

Registered: 2020-04-15
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Re: Series

I believe the current downloader only downloads the groups, so it will depend on how your provider has grouped them.

So if you're looking to only convert a few series then they have to be in their own groups.

Now there's many ways to do this, but I believe the easiest way is to use (ERD's IPTV M3U Editor) if you don't have it then get it.


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