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#1 Re: Bugs » Progamma reageert niet. » 2020-09-26 12:57:47

Hi ja op de oude versie zit een limiet van 10.000 streams per upload, de nieuwe editor heeft deze limiet niet meer en kan je dus grotere m3u's uploaden. Als je die melding krijgt heb je waarschijnlijk al je licentie geregistreerd - als je me een pm stuurt met je licentiecode kijk ik t even na voor je, eventueel haal ik de huidige eruit zodat je een nieuwe account kan registreren.

En de uploads met de oude editor werken op een andere api dan de nieuwe, dus die zijn niet compatible - ik ga de oude api binnen 2 jaar ook offline halen, ben druk bezig met wat vernieuwingen.

#2 Re: Bugs » Progamma reageert niet. » 2020-09-25 11:16:38

Hey, zeg maar Ernst :-) oke ik ga dit eens nakijken, ik weet dat bij hele grote m3u files (50+ mb) hij soms wat moeite mee heeft en ben al bezig hier verbetering in te brengen.

Wbt uploaden kan je hier: … er-account je licentiecode registreren, en kan je vanuit de nieuwe editor uploaden en zie je de uploads ook hier terug: … ud-uploads

#4 LCD Character Creator » Arduino LCD Character Creator » 2020-09-22 17:43:58

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If you have a Arduino with a LCD display and you want to display your own characters, this tool will help you create your own characters and build the code you need to show the character on your LCD display. You can choose one of the built-in characters, or create your own. You can also save / and load characters from file so you can share them with other enthousiasts.


This application is open-source, it includes the source code of the Delphi application for windows. For the people who dont have Delphi - there is a free community edition available at the website of Embarcadero. I also included a compiled version of the application for people who dont want to compile it themselfs.


#5 PassDuino » PassDuino 1.0 » 2020-09-22 17:41:50

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PassDuino is a combination of a Arduino Leonardo (CJMCU-32) USB stick and a Windows Application written in Delphi.

If you dont have the skills or you are not interested in programming the CJMCU-32 yourself, you can contact us for pricing. We also ship worldwide. A pre-programmed CJMCU-32 stick with your personal password are available from €10 without shipping cost.

The PassDuino (USB stick) will simulate a keyboard and type the stored password(s). The windows application can be used to auto lock your workstation when you remove the stick, and can auto connect back when plugged in.

You can save your passwords safely on the EEPROM of the Arduino Stick (PassDuino), and add hotkeys to them so when you press CTRL + F1 it will automatically type your password, etc etc. The passwords are stored in the Arduino's EEPROM, but is protected by a password. You can alter this password in the Arduino Source code (INO).



PassDuino is a Open-Source project. If you like to support our work, you can buy me a coffee with paypal or BTC.

#6 Re: Bugs » assign stream logo's from "Extra" Menu » 2020-09-22 17:22:19

Yes thats from the api, i just checked here - runs here without problems?

#7 Tutorials » XD Pro not showing up » 2020-09-12 14:26:33

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If you encounter a crash, sometimes the XD Pro (Xtream-Downloader) window is not visible upon restart.
please download this application to reset the window position. You can also recover the installed license key for both M3U Editor as for XD Pro.

#8 Tutorials » M3U Editor not showing up » 2020-09-12 14:25:57

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If you encounter a crash, sometimes the M3U Editor window is not visible upon restart.
please download this application to reset the window position. You can also recover the installed license key for both M3U Editor as for XD Pro.

#9 Re: Bugs » IPTV M3U Editor » 2020-05-10 22:14:17

Okay will check it out thank you.

#10 Re: Bugs » IPTV M3U Editor » 2020-05-03 14:48:18

I updated to - where this issue is fixed.

#11 Versions » Version » 2020-05-03 14:46:46

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This update has some small things fixed, like the "index out of bounds" error while matching xmltv, downloading tvg-logo's, and the sorting is also fixed. Also some other small things are fixed that probably wont be noticed.

#12 New users » No new users » 2020-05-02 23:36:15

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I blocked new users due to the lots of spambots that have registered last few days! People who want to join our forum, please send a email / contact us via the website.

#13 Re: Bugs » IPTV M3U Editor » 2020-04-29 21:21:52

Okay ill check it thank you

#14 Re: Bugs » m3u2strm » 2020-04-24 23:48:47

Yes might be the problem; Ill check it tomorrow wink its already over midnight here wink so im going to sleep over it - and check it tomorrow. Ill send u a pm with some accounts so you can download/try other providers - those are free lists i find on the internet - so you can compare with others smile

#15 Re: Bugs » m3u2strm » 2020-04-24 23:27:26

Can u tell me what provider you use? I tried it with GenIPTV, where they also where missing data - and what caused the error. I now did check for a valid response - because the response data is in JSON, and should meet a standard - but i noticed some providers dont keep to this standard, and thats where the parsing error is..

#16 Re: Bugs » m3u2strm » 2020-04-24 23:16:57

Just updated to, the Parsing error should be fixed - do notice that some providers (like GenIPTV) do not provide full movie/series information for some groups.. (This also was the error). But this error should be fixed now wink Also thank you for checking, i updated the M3U 2 STRM also in this update setup.

#17 Re: Bugs » m3u2strm » 2020-04-24 23:07:49

Yes thanks, i fixed it - the problem is some providers like GenIPTV, dont send any movie/series/episode data.. I fixed it now, i will check it and update it in a sec. This does mean that people might not be able to see any movie/series information, but that depends on the provider..

#18 Re: Bugs » m3u2strm » 2020-04-24 22:55:27

I send u a pm with the updated version of the m3u2strm, can u give it a try please? I cant test it myself as my m3u's dont have filenames containing [ or ].

And what do you mean by when i click on the same movie?

#19 Re: Bugs » m3u2strm » 2020-04-24 22:50:18

Okay thanks for noticing, ill change it smile i try the apps with my own m3u's - but some providers use other filenaming, so that might be why it got mangled. But ill fix it - wink

#20 Tutorials » M3U 2 STRM Configuration » 2020-04-24 21:20:59

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The M3U 2 STRM tool uses *.conf files which contain the output directory, and the groups of the series and movies you want to convert.


This is the content of the config file, you can put it through a JSON formatter to make it more readable. If you do edit it manually - please run it through a JSON validator before saving, syntax errors may cause the config not to work!

Explenation of the content:
1. logfile This is the filename of the logfile, this can also be empty to ignore logging.
2. output This is the output directory, this is the directory where the STRM files will be saved. Make sure this directory exists!
3. connection These are the connection details - as found in XD Pro, and in your M3U URL
4. categories There are 2 arrays with numbers, these numbers are the category_id's. If you know how to access the XC Reloaded API manually (player_api.php) then you know where to find these numbers.

Only edit this file if you know how it works, if you are not experienced - please use the config maker from XD Pro.

#21 Tutorials » M3U 2 STRM Tutorial » 2020-04-24 21:08:07

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The M3U2STRM tool is a commandline tool, that means it runs silent on the background. Ideal for updating your STRM library on the background with startup on windows, or on a set time.

The "old" M3U2STRM was a bit to dificult for some people, so i changed the way it works a bit - and it should be easier to get you started this way.

To start you start XD Pro, and connect with your M3U / iptv provider. In the menu "Export" click "M3U 2 STRM".

Then you will get the configuration dialog, you first need to set a output directory (the directory where you want to save the strm files). You can also set a log file location, you can leave this blank if you are not interested in the log.

Then select the movie groups you want to convert to strm files. (You can select multiple using "CTRL" or "SHIFT").

Then select the series groups you want to convert to strm files.

After this click the "OK" button, and you will see this save dialog. Select a location where you want to save the configuration file, this is the file containing the output folder, and the groups to export. Default directory would be "My Documents', but can be any directory. (But if you change the directory of this location after saving - you will need to create a new shortcut.)

Then save the shortcut, default location is in "Programs" -> "Startup" so it will start on Windows startup, you can save this link elsewhere if you want to start it manually. You can use this link in the task-planner to start it at set date/time.

If you like to do things manually, the first parameter of the M3U 2 STRM application needs to be the filename of the configuration file. The configuration file is in JSON format, so for the more experienced users this shouldnt be to hard to use.

#22 Versions » Update » 2020-04-24 17:15:23

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Today / Tomorrow the new update is coming with the renewed M3U 2 STRM command-line tool.

This new version has alot of things fixed, it works on the XC Reloaded api - so the filename formatting is to the standard of Kodi/Emby. It also can check for "old" / "removed' movies and series, so you dont need to clear the directory but you can keep the existing strm files, and it will only add new series/episodes/movies.

I am now working on a wizard for creating the config files, the config file format will be JSON format (*.conf file). So easier editing with Notepad++ or any other syntax highlighter.

This new version is a bit slower than the older one - because for every group + series it needs to do a GET request, but it results in better strm filenames.

#23 Re: Bugs » Download directory reset on update » 2020-04-24 17:09:14

Okay i will check this, thank you.

#25 Re: Bugs » URL bar » 2020-04-21 10:55:05

Okay, will make it bigger in the next update smile

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